Thank you Sunny. What you've written and exposed is beyond measure as far as helping save lives.

I have a take on why the church is backing Danny Masterson: Because way back when, when Jane Doe 1 and whoever else first approached the church with its allegations, the times were different in the church, and in society at large, and those scientology women who were in, were being handled by the church, sec checked, put into ethics conditions, etc, where everything is written down. Now, several years later, in a cultural shift in this country, etc., and a cultural shirt in the church of scientology, I doubt they treat allegations like rape the same way. If a woman goes to officials in the church with a rape allegations against another one of its members even a celebrity, it would probably distance themselves right away from all principals.

But they got in deep with Danny and there is too much in writing, too many people knew about the allegations, too many people were part of the church's weird handlings where they let Danny skate., etc. Although this church isn't beyond destroying evidence, there may be evidence and testimony they are unable to destroy.

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This interview begged the question in me: If these arbitration contracts as written by the C of S, were signed in a corporation like Coca Cola for example, would these contracts hold up in a court of law. If one isn't allowed an attorney, etc., I would think this aspect alone would disallow the validity of the arbitration contract signed. Right?

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One of the reasons I wished someone, I did it for a short time, was to plant myself at Combo's Sandwich shop, watching which OSA staff are still there, still going to work daily, from who walks into the building, walks out, etc, and who goes to the 99cent store on "CSP" Sunday morning, or goes out to the nearby laundromat, (I saw Lynn Farney doing his laundry there once, LOL). The OSA people on their CSP time, during their libs, do hit the Trader Joe's, Gelsen's Market, the 99cent store, and if you know them, you can read between the lines, who is still there.

But, it's asking a lot, and last time I did a little people spotting, I had Charlie Earle and Gaetane Asseline come out to the street to see who I was, since I was saying hi to some Sea Org members I knew, and the Sea Org members acted bewildered, some said hi back to me.

Charlie and Gaetane came out to check me out, surreptitiously. It's easy to spot the OSA people, they are not professional, LOL.

But to find out things, you need to have someone who does know the people, go see who is getting on and off the buses, going to OSA Int offices, daily, and see who is still standing in OSA Int these days.

For years, Tony, I'd off and of plug for other ex OSA people contact you, since "we" need some fresh OSA ex's come at least leak info to you.

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Such a fun episode with so many great nuggets, thank you both! Kirstie disseminating to Courtney Love is such a chaotic picture - wow! I bet that PC folder has been rifled through a few times!

It’s so hard to see what cards the Mastersons are holding to get such support from Scientology...but I can get behind your idea that Carol (and therefore Danny) is some kind of important fulcrum within that micro-tribal world in Hollywood. It makes more sense than Danny’s importance with his dilettante record. All of those variables with different family members and what has happened along the way handling their disconnections...Can’t wait to see what else turn up! Thanks Tony and Sunny.

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Lynn Farney is the Legal Secretary OSA Int, and he's over the lawyers who revise the legal docs.

He's obviously not going to give the details, but in truth, he knows which lawyer was instructed to add in the arbitration clause(s).

OSA Int Legal Dept people, Lynn and whoever else there, know the details.

The legal docs, all of them, have to go through various lawyers.

The lawyers out there, that Scientology does use, come up with also trends in legal field out there, and insert it back into Scientology, as part of the options they offer to OSA Int Legal Dept people, and Lynn would know.

The chicken before the egg, whether it's Lynn's "team" in Legal OSA that get told by Miscavige to cover something, or Miscavige himself in his phone and in person visits with lawyers.

I'm pretty sure today, the "legal forms" all go through Miscavige, and he gets lawyers' imput, and then the forms get used in steps of the "routing forms".

(In 1993 just prior to the War Is Over event, I personally interrupted Miscavige talking on the phone to lawyers in DC. Shelly chastised me for walking in on Miscavige, I walked in to unfreeze his personal computer, he let walk right up to his desk, I knelt down and pulled the plug on the PC to let it do a full machine reboot, waited, and then left his office, which was at ASI at the time, the corner office had three or four desks with personal computers all set up to be used by the team of secretaries that came with him.).

So I witnessed it first hand, him talking on the phone to lawyers. Shelly told me not walk into his office without going through her, which I never had the cause to do so again, other than at Int Base Miscavige's office which ironically was just one wall away from my own Int Base INCOMM Computer guy office desk, LOL, and one time or two, when Miscavige was not in his office, his team of three or four secretaries, at that time, which was 1991-1992, would call me into his office to make sure his Personal Computer(s) were all working, before he arrived back at the Int Base, to sit at his desk and use everything, I was just part of the readying checklist the secretaries would do before Miscavige came back to the office at Int Base.

The details of routines around Miscavige, or LRH in LRH's day, kind of have a logic to them. Ready things for the big boss's arrival to use his office space.

But the lawyers do talk to Miscavige direct, I witnessed it. Shelly told me. This was 1992 or 1993.


During the 'routing forms" project, (1983 to 1986 I was full time on the "routing forms", people don't know that the final "International Strategy" from LRH, included the "routing forms" project and production and implementation) which was a huge several years long paperwork project (I was on the project 83-86 and again 89-90), I was part of the third generation of Sea Org paperwork researcher staffers on this "routing forms" paperwork project, the "Legal forms" all had to be updated, TWO times, and I had to get the paperwork "okays" from the Lawyers that OSA's Legal Dept had to obtain.

Whenever the signup legal docs go through a revision, then the OSA Legal Dept people, Lynn Farney or Lynn's boss or Lynn's underlings, have to arrange for the appropriate lawyers to sidecheck the signup legal docs. Dan Feeley was the OSA Int guy I dealt with in 1983. Later in 1989, it was all up to OSA Legal Dept Lynn Farney's team.

The "routing forms" paperwork forms are what newbies and oldster followers have to follow, step by step, and the Registrar steps require the followers sign the legal docs. (Other "routing forms" have legal forms steps also, too many weeks, layers of weeds to all things paperwork cult bureaucracy world L. Ron Hubbard Scientology.)

So, part of the "routing forms" paperwork up-keeping job, I was the very original "Senior Routing Forms In Charge" position, which is listed in the "Routing Forms How to Write" policy letter which was a compilation policy letter compiled by Phoebe Maurer in fall 1983, I know, she had me peer review her work, and I simply signed off on her compilations officer work that it was straight and pure LRH content, (it was, I wished it would have included a few more choice "whole track" nuggets of "timeless tech" which if you get into the LRH compilations "advices/orders" all instance of LRH ever in private dispatches mentioning anything which is "timeless tech" it must be turned into policy, at some point, and I felt Phoebe might have missed out on the LRH mentioned "whole track" device which was in 1983 when LRH wrote this "advice", the past lives device LRH was talking about sounds like what we have today in the Ipad, because he said in a more computerized world like millions of years ago, they used Ipad like devices as "routing forms" and for holding the full records of a person who was moving around point to point in a large ancient well functioning George Jetson type of ancient millions of years ago space bureaucracy).

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