Thanks to Mirriam, it’s good to get background from someone who was there, at the time.

The rest of us are likely to scoff at any surprise at the criminal organisation known as the “church” of $cientology talking about “enemy.”

This is, after all, an organisation that maintains “enemy lists” - certainly at a national level, but for all I know down to individual bOrgs? And being at the top of the enemy list sucks - as quite a few people in and around the Underground Bunker can testify to...

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Thank you Miriam, your testimony was enlightening. So if you don't kiss the behind of your ethics officer or anyone in the Sea bOrg you too can be an 'enemy'. Well put me down on that list and keep away from my pets.

Ok Tony, are you going to name that 'spy' soon? By now the CO$ must know who it is and inquiring minds want to know too. Happy Monday Bunkeroos.

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Mike Rinder’s book says enemy eight times, although one is about the condition of enemy. He says enemies 22 times. It was a commonly used phrase in scientology.

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