Wow. Down the rabbit hole we go. Next thing you know, they’ll actually be admitting they’re a cult.

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A tribute to naked, give-zero-fucks scientology fraud:

I'm a wanker with extra jizz

A Hub Ho with maximum fizz

Love my reggin' hot 'n' heavy

Like a souped-up Farsecian Chevy

And down the rabbit hole we go

Makin' blood from a stone flow

Yer gonna take ALL my feckin' money

So theta! and sweet as honey

Such bliss to be bankrupt and broke

Feeling so free in the Pimp's yoke

I have status and a guarantee

That COB will pee all over me

Keyed out and swimming in piss

I know that this is spiritual bliss!

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And how is an organization that is constantly raising money for buildings to house their imaginary people, but does NOTHING to benefit the community be tax exempt?

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“A pill that doesn’t take away your depression but numbs all real life within you”. Yikes. A reminder of their dangerous views on psychiatry, especially for those that are in serious need of life-saving medication.

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The Ideal Org fundraising strategy reminds me of South Park. Step 1: Steal all the underwear Step2:... Step 3: Clear the planet.

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1. They are all so OLD! (I can say that, I am 73 so I am old also)

2. Not counting the babies they have 11 statuses out of 112 for the birthday game? (most of them are listed twice) but the birthday was last week so this looks pretty pathetic.

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Guy Peloquin is still pimping for the “church”. I wondered why I had not seen him in any fundraising flyers over the last few years. Happy to see he’s still kicking, but wish he made it out. He’s a good guy. I met him when the Volunteer Minister Cavalcade first launched. He’s one of those old school SCN guys, but easily shifts to the latest DM fad.

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Mar 19, 2023·edited Mar 19, 2023

Scientology advertising embraces and preemptively displays their nuttiness.

Their true beliefs, they cannot publicly explain, due to the L. Ron Hubbard penalty rules to never publicly explain that Xenu dumped mass murdered souls onto earth whom Xenu had implanted with the R6 "implants", and these mass murdered souls infest all humans on earth today, causing Scientology to engage in the L. Ron Hubbard secret five exorcism steps, called OT 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

They can talk craziness about their Ideal Orgs all day long, but they cannot simply define their Scientology spiritual practices as what those practices might be understood more simply.

Scientology spiritual practices are a kind of past lives pseudo-therapy delving into past lives trauma and transgressions which Scientologists believe effect a person still today until the person does the L. Ron Hubbard Scientology spiritual counseling (the step by step procedures Sunny is graciously explaining on this blog).

And then the upper secret practices, OT 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, are the exorcism steps aimed to eliminate spirits and souls from our human body which ended up in our body due to Xenu's ancient nasty mass murdering and bad idea implanting into those souls that infest us today. The Scientology L. Ron Hubbard exorcism aims to remove these surplus souls which infest us.

Scientologists can go crazy with their cosplay "church" events, but they cannot tell about their spiritual practices.

Scientology is a past lives pseudo-therapy and an exorcism spiritual practice, and they cannot say this.

The best way to silence and make Scientologists scarce, is to preemptively discuss Xenu mass murdering "body-thetans" (the surplus souls Scientologists learn infest all humans today), and explain to all newcomers and newbie Scientologists the OT 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 secret upper "Advanced" steps of Scientology are exorcism aimed at removing one's "body-thetans" off of oneself, and supposedly in the process eliminate any "case" those "body-thetans" were leaking onto one, to one's supposed spiritual betterment.

Telling Scientologists their exorcism betterment procedures, in summary, causes Scientologists to clamp up and make themselves scarce if you keep discussing their secret theory with them, ironically.

L. Ron Hubbard instilled this Achilles Heel into Scientologists' minds, causing them this unwarranted fear in learning their own spiritual theory, in full, in general terms, at the start of anyone's getting into the Scientology full spiritual procedures stepladder which Scientologists offer.

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Everyone of the ideal Org donors need their mad hatter hats. They are all looney tunes.

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