This is both fascinating and awful. Watching her explain away the idea that a little girl should naturally accept a passionate kiss from a man and if she doesn't, it's because she's either been taught that it's bad, or she's got a bad engram (that, by inference, needs to be cleared so that she can willingly and naturally accept kisses, even passionate ones, from men) is just...I have no words.

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I also find it interesting how she repeatedly uses complementary "love-bombing" techniques ("You ask the best questions!"). And did she actually say "big comfy chair"? *shaking head*

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I read that as an unforced reaction from surprise.

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"I now run into college graduates with masters degrees who struggle with reading that book" That is because Dianetics is full of bovine excrement styled as 'research'. Lroon jumped into the 'past lives' stuff because it yielded more auditing hours and that means more money. Dianetics was always a scam.

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I remember now, having to parse Scientology for non-Scientologists. I was squirrelling by interpreting it.

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Feb 16, 2023·edited Feb 16, 2023

Her words seem the perfectly planned parlance to reel a person in who might be on the fence ... Always a quick way to explain away any oddities in a friendly, relatable teen-speak "like" way of "like" pumping up the ego of the young questioner. Imagine the training she's been through all these decades to be able to relate to every different type of person interested. And how she explains the cost is clever. But I can't get over the "L Ron" being "misinterpreted" as "Oh, like Elrond, like Lord of the Rings, Elrond?" Gotta admit, she's pretty good at what she does. But the kid is better. ;-)

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It's a "science". It's "precise". And it's so "powerful" that its "upper levels" are shrouded in secrecy

and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. A lift-wearing, bouffanted sociopath determines whether

you are allowed to receive its miraculous benefits AFTER you've paid him(pimp lucre).

Look, check out 70 years' worth of peer-reviewed, independently-conducted scientific studies

of El Bong Slobbard's "tech"! And...look at all of the psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers,

neuroscientists, etc. who have made further scientific discoveries based on the Tilden Turd's ground-

breaking principles!

Glad to hear that membership numbers are anemic, though.

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I enjoyed reading Moby Dick, A Tale of Two Cities, War and Peace, a bunch of books a lot of students dread. I hated reading DMSMH. Why? Because it made no sense, and it contradicted itself constantly. Anyone who claims to have enjoyed reading or even claims to have understood that book is still in scientology.

That was a really creepy conversation. She probably thought she nailed it.

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Clearly the auditor - if she read this - would know it was her, but what are the chances that Scientology could figure it out as well? If they do, what happens to the auditor?

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Carl is awesome! And Sally...WHAT A NUT JOB!! The way she has been brainwashed into thinking child molestation is not a bad thing!! This is riveting!!!

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I think it is easy to see a beautiful sweet girl and feel passionate about her beauty and sweetness without getting sexual.

If we will consider taking sex out of the passage about a man kissing a seven-year-old girl, what we have left is Hubbard using the word passionate to mean the following:


"A strong enthusiasm for a

(specified) thing; an aim or object pursued with strong enthusiasm."

"His passion was for the law."

"Riding was more than a joy to him, it was a passion."

Today any kissing is a problem but when I was younger being kissed by an adult was acceptable.

I have been reading and listening to Hubbard for fifty years in his works of fiction and tech. I never heard anything like what has been implied.

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I was hoping he would say, seriously, like he’d put a lot of thought into it, “I feel like I’ve been creating my own Reactive Mind, and I’m no longer doing it.”

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