Complete Total Utter (does that cover it?) NONSENSE. 100% lies.

Also, one thing to add to Mike's description and what I experienced is that "they" qualify you. If you have money, your six month checks ("Refreshers" my butt) get longer and longer and longer. I could never understand it til I heard Hy Levy and Ronit and I think Mat Pesch explain how they pad your program. And by the way, for those that don't know, Sec Checking is done FPRD style which is a really long method of getting to the bottom (the waaaayyy bottom) of one Overt (transgression or sin you make up). Sec checking is by far the most mentally abusive "tech" the church of scientology has.

And BTW, when you go in every six months and sit in the waiting area with others doing the same thing you are, all you hear in the way of "WINS" is that they think their going to finish this time or soon or hopefully the next time - but they close! I have never been under so much stress as when I was on that level and trying to finish it. It's a nightmare. OT 7 itself is "easy" in and of itself; it's what surrounds doing it. (And I didn't even get into being constantly held in a room and hit up for money.)

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I wish you'd write a book just on your Flag OT 7 experiences.

That'd be valuable in an anthology book "What Was Scientology?" The OT 7 chapter of the anthology.


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The chult, the cult, the ever-expanding fault: It's an echo chamber. Or, put more crudely, it's a circle jerk. Just maintain that hypnotized, doubt-suppressed state. Banish critical thinking and cover your shame and grief about your 'overts' and your real emotions with tone 40 blathering about the tone scale and the magnetic pull of the reactive mind, whilst continuing to psychologically phuck yourself with auditing and ethics tech. Reduce your intelligence and empathy with El Wrong's study tech and end up sounding like a bloody bollocks-spouting moron, too!

Ah, but they aren't being vague, wink*,wink*, when they spout that nonsense. They KNOW. They have CERTAINTY. And without their elevated, Hubtard-charged awareness, we simply CAN'T perceive or comprehend, much less EXPERIENCE, the higher truths and sublime mysteries they are privy to. We are dirt-dwelling, hormone-driven, reactive bank slaves; mere meat sacks and degraded beings standing in the way of their valiant, glorious crusade to SAVE THE UNIVERSE.

Talk about an enduring, lucrative con...

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Lroon hit on a great extension to Dianetics, just sell the marks their imagination back to them. And make them pay for that experience. Your remark about reducing your empathy is spot on. Nothing matters but your fealty to Lroon's drivel and your ability to pay for that experience.

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I agree with Mary's total nonsense statement. I know Hubbard was charismatic and narcissistic, iit makes me wonder how many times he had to tell a lie for it to become true in his mind. Once that happens it becomes easier to believe him. I know someone who has narcissistic tendencies. When your around him you are constantly fact-checking what he says. If you don't, his lies soon become your truth. Once a narcissistic person tells a lie, it is his truth. That's how Hubbard gained followers that believed anything he said but to believe him to the extent that so many people bought his absurd lies and are still believing his writings is beyond my understanding.

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I think I may have identified the guy at the 56-second mark: Todd Supplee. https://www.linkedin.com/in/supplee/

And the woman at 0:47 looks like Laura Sales:



So... at least they're actually Scientologists this time?

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I remember Cathy Schenkelberg's reenactment of Solo NOTs in her superb one-woman show, Squeeze My Cans, and the awfulness of it making my skin crawl.

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Wild. I’m still stuck on the ‘you have to pay to do the auditing at home’.

Are there literal fees for auditing yourself (other than buying the expensive e-meter)? How is that monitored?

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Jan 4, 2023·edited Jan 4, 2023

Ex OT's can chime in with answers, but I'll offer, as an ex-lowly-grunt-never-quite-good-enough-scientologist, that self-monitoring, a classic cult member behavior, is taken to new, theta-sewer depths in scientology. Added to that mind-set is El Bong Chughard's "auditing tech" which includes specific ways to notate and record the events which transpire in an auditing session. When they OT 7 rubes return to the mecca, their "reports" are reviewed/analyzed while, as Mary notes in her comment above, they are subjected to ruthless, intrusive interrogations(i.e. "theta sec-checks to guarantee that ethics and tech are in").

I remember believing, with awe and wonder no less, that I could "FEEL shifts" in "my universe" when I was at my employer's house and he was in a solo NOTS session...

To quote Bugs Bunny: "What a maroon!"

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The Mark Ultra VII is connected to the internet.

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It’s really pretty nutty when you think about it. These OT Scientologists actually believe that doing these auditing sessions make huge changes in the world. Huge as in getting the Berlin Wall taken down. They believe everything good in the world is caused by their OT sessions.

Reversely... who is responsible for all the bad in the world? They don’t know. They only do good things.

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Jan 4, 2023·edited Jan 4, 2023

I remember when that 10,000 on or through Solo Nots goal first was created. It was in around 2000. Now, 23 years later, not only do they NOT have 10,000 on or through Solo Nots, but the number is dwindling as their pond from which they fish dwindles. Meaning no more raw public coming in the doors, and older parishoners are dying frequently now. The attrition rate is high. Also they don't factor in the smart ones who got out and escaped the cult. Someone on the blogs in the know said they have more people who have left the church than are in the church now. So it all adds up to not many auditing or through Solo Nots and they'll never reach that number and they will never Clear the planet. So sad. Not sad.

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Jan 4, 2023·edited Jan 4, 2023

The exorcism steps of Scientology, OT 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, seem clearly more like "Ghostbuster" with their Proton Blaster machine, and then the backpack to load the blasted ghost into.





Scientologists at the secret OT 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 levels, use the Hubbard gizmo Emeter instead, no blasting.

But to quickly communicate to the public, when I define Scientology, I use the Ghostbusters full kit, and compare it to the Hubbard Emeter, and then Scientologists are doing therapy/exorcism to these souls (ghosts) that the Scientologists think infest each of us humans.

Xenu just mass murdered zillions of other planet humanoids, and then implanted the souls of those humanoids from other planets, and let them loose on earth to infest all humans today.

And Scientology has calm sit down sessions detecting and then "freeing" those souls (ghosts).

Scientology is doing massive huge quantities of this exorcism.

That pretty quickly communicates Scientology's upper exorcism beliefs and practices to the public, so the public has a rounded grip of Scientology.

Ghostbusting, and Scientology exorcism of OT 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, same thing, it's surplus souls (evil and malevolent, or "implanted" with bad ideas in Scientology's practices) needing shooing away, exorcism.

It's factually snipe hunting, since there are no ghosts, no body-thetans, and no free souls flying about.

No Caspar the Ghosts, good guy ghosts, and no Angels, it goes on and on.

(Hubbard failed to cover the full gamut of good person ghosts out there, LOL.)

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After years of considering the OT 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 steps of Scientology, it seems these steps deserve to be called exorcism, straight per the OED definitions of exorcism.

If the world just heard that lower Scientology quack therapy addresses one's this lifetime and past lifetime "case" and that 5 of the 8 upper steps of Scientology are exorcism, then the public has a quick grip of Scientology's beliefs.

The "case" we all have, is our own "case" and on top of that, is the "OT case" is how Hubbard refers to it, and the "OT case" is the leaking case that our body-thetans leak onto us.


Correction, there is public evidence, the Pat Broeker worksheet held up at LRH's death event, of "case" extending back before 76 trillion years.


Non official Scientologist Trey Lotz, has been doing OT 7, the Solo NOTs of official Scientology, for years, and in an interview said it is valuable.

Meaning, I wish you'd interview Trey, as he is free to talk, and Karen de la Carriere can vouch that Trey's pretty close to doing what official Scientologists think they are doing, "handling their own cases" and as Trey discussed on YouTube, Trey in doing Solo NOTs is handling the "OT case."


Even if one neutrally described what Trey thinks he's doing, I think one is correct to call that exorcism.

Even per the OED definitions of exorcise, exorcism.

Word or mouth defining of Scientology I think would be helped by just calling OT 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 exorcism, even if Scientologists and Hubbard never called it that.

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!0,000 to 8,000,000,000 is a big step.

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