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$cientology has always been about a madman's case: L. Ron Hubbard's.

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You are paying for the fix to a madman’s case. Where the source of the problem was the “implants” put in by extra-terrestrial psychiatrists.

“A world without insanity” - bless their hearts

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Excellent comment over at the Bunker from former Scientologist Jere Lull:

"As I see things now, all of scientology was his attempt to handle one particularly difficult case, his own, so doing processes intended for one lunatic was always par for the course. And THEN there was OT 3 through 7 which states we ALL– even our BTs— had the exact same incident 75 million years ago happen on islands which didn't exist at that time, LONG before our body type existed on the planet, before mammals developed, for Xenu's sake!

"History of Man" was a transcription of LRH Junior's trip down "memory lane" while stoned on Ron's stock of drugs. IIRC, History of Man shows up somewhere in the OT levels as a textbook of 'what to run' Oh, how SCIENTIFIC!"

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So tired of this partial immortality nonsense.

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All sounds like they are micro dosing mushrooms 🍄

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I read the headline wrong, or possibly correctly. Anyone who has observed a scientologist who stays stuck in the bubble knows that the higher up the bridge you go, the more insane you act, the more you justify your increasingly bad acts.

Scientology is the bridge to total immorality. When you’ve reached the top perhaps you can attest to having achieved Masterson.

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Those people communicate poorly. They’re a little under-educated. Their wording is simplistic and overly casual.

My dad did L-12. In fact, it potentially marked the beginning of his physical downfall to dying of heart failure. On reflection, he didn’t seem gaga about any gains he received from it.

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My Debbie Downer appraisal, "how could it be that way" (insider Student Hat graduates know what that mans), is:

a) Scientology is a "soul" (belief in the soul, specifically we each ARE a soul)

b) Doing the past lives transgressions digging up that occurs on the L Rundowns, gets one to believe one is a soul which transmigrates, lives multiple, frankly an endless sequence of lives in human bodies, committing endless transgressions in one's past lives, and undoing all one's past misdeeds by inspecting one's past lives' motives, etc, one is "freed" of any desire to commit those similar transgressions this lfetime.

b) It dawns on the receiver of the Ls, if it hasn't already, that one has an immortal sort of "player" role in the cosmos, hopscotching around, lifetime after lifetime, living roles on planets, thus one is "immortal."

IN a nutshell how one gets this "immortal" certainty, is by running past lives incidents.


I still have a question, Karen de la Carriere would know the answer, and Trey Lotz also would be able to answer this, which is, do the L Rundowns, the one of the three L Rundowns which gets the person to examine their past lives misdeeds, does that L (I think it's L 10 or L 11, not sure) allow the receiver of the procedure to "go through" the incident, or is there a "NED for OTs" precautionary sub procedure to prevent an OT 3 or above Scientologist from delving too deeply into the incident, since it's one of Hubbard's hardbound rules to limit how deeply and specifically an OT 3 or above Scientologist is allowed to delve into incidents which are dug up, the theory behind this is that once a Scientologist has reached OT 3, supposedly all of the incidents they dig up are from their "body-thetans'" memories most likely.

Karen would understand my question, or Trey would.

Tony, I wish you'd interview Trey Lotz, he's available to ask about the L Rundowns also. But he will act more like an official Scientologist, and not be quite as candid as Karen, but Trey to me exemplifies what the future Scientologists ought to exemplify as Scientologists, a freer speaking Scientologist at least. (Tony you quote the wacko clearly nutball freezoners on your blog daily, and the Trey Lotz's of the freezone I think less so.).

Chuck Beatty

ex Xenu Team Sea Org idiot, 75 to 03

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